Colorado’s universities lead bioscience charge

Colorado’s universities lead bioscience charge

BOULDER — The exterior looks like a factory, and the interior is cavernous. The Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building dominates the university’s East Campus.

But the building

Research fuels  wind, solar  technologies

Research fuels wind, solar technologies

Wind energy is the next big bet in the United States for the production of clean energy and, because of it, researchers across the state have invested much time and money into making wind turbines efficient, cost-effective and easy to

CSU project seeks to determine carbon impact of building designs

While working on his master’s degree in construction management at Colorado State University in 2010, Peter Means saw a trend where people wanted to know the total carbon footprint of the homes they were having built for them.

Changing Mountains

Colorado’s environment is changing. Indications are everywhere, from devastating wildfires to small furry creatures scampering across mountain rocks. And researchers at Colorado universities are at the forefront of efforts to find

Lasers light up economy

Lasers light up economy

The stuff of science fiction movies, lasers, have been glorified as weapons and precision cutting tools. But truth is even more exciting than science fiction, with researchers in Colorado using lasers to speed up the microprocessors used

Lasers, 3D printers aid prosthetics

A cutting-edge 3D printer, called a laser metal sintering machine, is aiding the development of robotic fingers, hands and arms for amputees at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center.

CSU brews up fermentation major

You’re forgiven for thinking it’s about learning to make beer. It is, but Colorado State University’s new fermentation science and technology program is about much more: It’s about the process of fermentation of

Keeping Colorado lean

Keeping Colorado lean

As the leanest state in the nation, Colorado might seem an unlikely spot for an international hub of obesity research. Jim Hill sees it differently.

“We are in a great position to conduct

Studying head injuries

Studying head injuries

High-school athletes playing at elevation suffer far fewer concussions than their sea-level peers, according to an intriguing new Colorado School of Public Health study that could lead to the first innovations in helmet design in decades.

Protecting kids from pot

Cannabis-infused brownies, suckers, and gummy bears at Colorado’s growing number of marijuana dispensaries must now come in child-proof packaging, thanks largely to the efforts of two University of Colorado researchers.
In May,

Cougar hunt backfires

Intrigued by headlines claiming cougars were on the prowl from Hollywood to New York, two University of Colorado Denver researchers recently went on the hunt, calculators loaded, to reveal if this stated phenomenon — that rich,

Budget cuts hit research hard

Budget cuts hit research hard

Colorado’s major research universities and federal labs have been hard hit by federal and state budget cuts.
Some have experienced 5 percent to 10 percent cuts in research funding, while others have seen upwards of 20 percent


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